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News and views on cash, ATMs and the payments industry.

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Health of Cash Study 2020

2020 Health of Cash Study

Cardtronics sponsored Javelin Strategy and Research to conduct two consumer payment studies, the 2020 Health of Cash Study based on fall 2019 consumer payment preferences and the 2020 Health of Cash Check-Up, conducted during the nadir of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic response in April 2020.

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Mobile Cash Access White Paper

Mobile Cash Access: Tomorrow’s Must Have Fintech Feature Explained

This white paper provides valuable insights into the cash needs of consumers and how cash can play a crucial role as a differentiator for fintech firms seeking to build strong customer loyalty and preference.

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ATMs Post COVID White Paper

ATMs Take A Leading Role As Banks Pivot Post COVID-19

This white paper examines the effect the pandemic has had on the distribution strategy of banks and credit unions, the challenges they are now facing and practical insights and recommendations for dealing with these challenges.

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Reevaluate ATM Distribution Startegy WP

Reevaluate Your ATM Distribution Strategy

The digital revolution is creating a pivotal transformation in the financial services industry. Accelerated by market forces such as the COVID-19 pandemic, financial institutions are adapting fast to meet consumer demands for convenience, digital engagement, and self-service. As they work through this process, banks and credit unions are reevaluating what is, and is not, critical to their channel infrastructure.

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Maanged Services Win 10 Upgrade WP

ATM Managed Services: Here we go again! Getting out of the ATM upgrade cycle

In this white paper, we examine the strategies being adopted to create more efficiencies and reduce the burden that never-ending upgrades place on resources. Download the white paper to learn how some financial institutions are adopting alternative ways to alleviate the burden of the ATM upgrade cycle.

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The Rise of the ATM as the New Branch

In this webinar, a panel of financial institutions (Janet VanKley, Providence Bank & Trust; Jennifer Smith, Flagstar Bank; and Peter Fauth, Financial Plus Credit Union) describes how each is dealing with this new paradigm and meeting the challenges the pandemic presented. They will discuss deploying different approaches to the ATM channel - using a flexible, ready-made infrastructure – and how that has enabled them to divert more resources to digital platforms while containing costs and providing a streamlined consumer experience.

Janet VanKley, Providence Bank & Trust
Jennifer Smith, Flagstar Bank
Peter Fauth, Financial Plus Credit Union

The Rise of the ATM Webinar

Preventing ATM Crime: The Do’s and Don’ts for Safeguarding ATMs

According to the ATM Industry Association, ATM crime rose a staggering 60% in 2019, costing the banking and financial services industry billions of dollars. Join Cardtronics, the owner of Allpoint Network, to learn how banks are securing ATMs and stopping criminals in their tracks.

Jordan Riek, Sr. Vice President of Information Security, Cardtronics
Jack Burns, Vice President of ATM Security, Cardtronics

Adapting to the New Normal: ATM Channel Distribution Post COVID-19

Join us for this complimentary BAI webinar to learn how outsourcing your ATM fleet management allows you to redirect the resources needed for your digital strategy while providing streamlined access to cash withdrawals and deposits for your account holders.

Shpend Ibraimi, VP - Managed Services Solutions Manager, Cardtronics


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