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The Rise of the ATM as the New Branch

While the transition towards self-service banking was already in motion, COVID-19 accelerated it beyond anyone’s imagination. Consumer banking behavior underwent massive transformation in just a few short weeks with many financial institutions actively reducing in-person interactions to ensure account holders’ safety while still being financially cared for.

When branches closed – many are still not fully open - the ATM gained new stature as a physical self-service provider. Although consumers were driven to use digital banking, in effect, the ATM became the new branch where account holders could carry out a range of financial transactions and, most importantly, get access to their cash and make deposits.

In this webinar, a panel of financial institutions (Janet VanKley, Providence Bank & Trust; Jennifer Smith, Flagstar Bank; and Peter Fauth, Financial Plus Credit Union) describes how each is dealing with this new paradigm and meeting the challenges the pandemic presented. They will discuss deploying different approaches to the ATM channel - using a flexible, ready-made infrastructure – and how that has enabled them to divert more resources to digital platforms while containing costs and providing a streamlined consumer experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • 1. The effect on financial institutions of changes in consumer behavior
  • 2. How financial institutions are ensuring their customers’ banking needs are being met in innovative ways
  • 3. How financial institutions see the future and a new normal in the banking industry

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